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The Digital Hub Cologne is

  • the physical connector between established companies and innovative, digital developments and startups to correct the existing market failure of mismatching.
  • the local cross-matching platform between selected industries and cross industry internet innovations, because the value migrates more and more from the product in digital platforms.
  • research, scholarship and teaching unit for digital transformation in the Cologne bay area.
  • the door opener to the global networks of the City of Cologne, the University of Cologne and the Chamber of Commerce.

The Digital Hub Cologne is also part of the DWNRW Hub initiative to strengthen the digital economy in Cologne, the region and also in NRW. The transfer of experience, exchange of expertise and the continuous development of new, innovative offerings and services and within the digital economy drives the value added generation for the digital industry in Cologne and NRW.

Aufbau, Management und Steuerung
des Digital Hub Cologne

Paket 1:

What's next & new?
  1. Markt-/Trendanalyse, Tech-Tanks
  2. Kontaktanbahnung und Orientierungs-Workshops
  3. Branchenscouts
  1. Digitaler Rütteltest

Paket 2:

Who's out there?
  1. Matching-Days
  2. Showroom
  3. Beratung und Begleitung
  1. Diverse Pitches
  2. Matching-Plattform

Paket 3:

Let's create!
  1. Beratung (Projekte)
  2. Test-Center/Werkstatt
  3. Coworking Space
  4. Projekträume

Paket 4:

Let's network!
  1. Branchenevents
  1. HUB-Seminare und Events

Paket 5:

Get noticed!
  1. Teilnahme an Tagungen, Messen & Events
  2. Kommunikation

Paket 6:

Let's go international!
  1. Bilaterale Partnerschaften
  2. Veranstaltungen
  3. International Days